Saturday, October 18, 2008


I UNDERSTAND nothing!” By Robert cecil Hanna

Saturday October 18, 2008
There is no ugliness in heaven
In heaven there is no lack
There is no physical matter in heaven
There is no need for protection in heaven

Now we see through a glass darkly
But then we shall see face to face

There is no fudging in heaven
There are no secrets in heaven
Everything in heaven is beautiful

In heaven all is revealed, to the satisfaction of each – and everyone
raiment in heaven is spiritual, perfect, and awesome for each and everyone
Privacy does not exist as a concept in heaven

Concern and appreciation are inherent in heaven
There is no idea of harm to self or to another in heaven
There is no fear in heaven
Vulnerability does not exist in heaven

a presence of heaven on earth manifests as a force going about doing good

In heaven there is no jealousy and no envy
There are many mansions in heaven
There are many places in heaven
I think some are shared

I don’t know if there is sleep in heaven
I do know that love is everywhere
And perfect love transforms fear

There is No Judging in heaven
Anger is always defensive, and is not ‘needed’ in heaven
Harm, damage, and injury are earthly concepts not present in heaven

There is no ‘disagreement’ in heaven because all disagreement arises from lack of understanding and in heaven understanding is not a priority at all i.e.: understanding is not necessary if you lean not to your own understanding
NIRVANA is the end result of fully realizing: “I understand NOTHING”

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Court Jester said...

This post is a tribute to my friend Pauola Duran, who inspired these thoughts by her mature innocence in this world.

Hola Pau